As the semester is coming to a close, I have been thinking about possible career paths that I would like to pursue after college. I began to research the top of the list, the CEO. I began to wonder what pathway most hospital CEO’s follow to possess such a title and achievement in their career. In my research, I found that a lot of CEO’s followed completely different paths from each other. I did find some similarities though, I found that a lot of CEO’s first held the position of Chief Operating Officers and they often possessed a Masters in Healthcare Administration and Business Administration. Often, they have 15 years or more experience. Becoming a CEO is clearly not an easy path in any career but it can be extremely awarding.

Due to the fact, that the hospital Chief Executive Officer holds the highest position at the organization, it is essential that they are experienced. A CEO must understand the inner workings of the hospital and have a deep connection with the employees. I can understand why many of my classmates are already striving towards becoming CEO’s later in their careers and I believe this may be a pathway that I can strive towards as well.

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One thought on “The CEO

  1. Becoming a CEO is a lofty goal, but certainly achievable. There are many, many different career paths (mine began in health care finance), but I believe experience is more important than the education. Working in hospital and experiencing as many different roles and responsibilities as you can on your journey will broaden your understanding of the grand scale of responsibility you may one day hold.


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